A Three Step System For Sponsoring

Successful sponsoring into your Network Marketing business is simplified when you have a three step system to follow. A three step system is simply having three, pre-determined steps in mind for how you are going to guide your prospect through your company overview.

This way, you always know what the next step is, and you can let your prospect know as well. Plus, a three step system is simple and duplicatable. Someone exploring your business will know just what will be expected of him or her if they join, and will have a clear track to run on.

A three step system may look like this:

Step 1

Call prospect or meet in person and direct them to watch your company videos about your product(s) and overview of the business plan.

Step 2

Invite the prospect to a “second look” webinar or conference call with one of the company leaders, or invite them to a live group meeting to get more details and hear success stories.

Step 3

Follow up phone call or 1-1 meeting to answer their questions, do a 3-way call with upline leader, and get signed up.

Keeping it simple is the heart of duplication, and duplication is what drives a successful network marketing business. It should be easy for you to develop a three step system that fits with your opportunity. Check with your sponsor or upline if you need assistance. Then take action and start sponsoring and building your team!

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