Simple Scripts to Introduce Your Business

One of the things that stops people from making their list and then actually contacting people about the business is fear of what to say… Here are a couple of simple ideas to break the ice. Remember, you aren’t a professional sales person — you are simply sharing information.

SONY DSC“Hey John, I have started a new business from home, and if it’s okay, I’d like to send over some information for you to review so that you’ll know more about what I am doing, in case you come across someone who might be a match for my business. Would that be OK?”

No pressure here. Just asking a question. Try to avoid saying anything about your business that is specific unless you are asked. This will keep curiosity high for when you drop off or send him that information.

And, at any time, should your warm market contact express a desire to know more, you’ll take him or her right through the 3-step system (outlined in my previous blog post). Stick to the tools.

“Hey, John. I’m a dot-com now. I’ve started my own Internet business. I’d like to give you my website. Would you take a quick look and in case you run into someone who might be right for my business, I would appreciate any referrals.”

What your friends, family and acquaintances do after the initial introduction is up to them. And don’t worry about the outcome. Get busy making that list and contacting them, and you’ll have plenty of people looking at your business.

Whatever you do, don’t trash your reputation by continuing to call, cajole, or beg your friends to take a look. Be a professional and you’ll get professional results. Follow up casually every 3 to 6 months, because people’s lives change and you never know when the time is right!

To Your Success!


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