Don’t Let Objections Throw You

When you are first getting started in your MLM business, it is easy to to let other people’s objections throw you. Here are some ideas to help you better understand what is going on and how to deal with it.

First, understand and respect the value in what you have, what you are offering in terms of a great business opportunity and your products. If you have your own doubts about your product or about network marketing, they will show up one way or another. CONQUERING BRICK WALL - CELL PHONEIt is not unusual for a prospect to actually verbalize the doubt or concern that matches the one you are carrying in your head! Work through your own doubts, gain confidence, and you become unstoppable. You don’t need anyone’s approval except your own.

Second, think through the most common objections and create some answers that feel comfortable to you, and just be prepared. Listen first, and then answer without becoming defensive. Never make assumptions – if you aren’t sure what they are saying, ask for clarification. For more specific training on answering the 4 most common objections in network marketing, listen to the replay of my last webinar on Following Up that included a whole section on this topic!

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Third, always let your prospect know up front that you will not be offended if they decide this is not for them. Tell them it won’t hurt your feelings and you won’t harass them by attempting to change their mind. This takes the pressure off them and they are then more open to your presentation.

Finally, always remember that objections are a normal part of the process, so expect them.

If prospects don’t have any concerns or questions after your presentation, it means they aren’t likely to want what you have! Change your mindset about objections and watch your confidence and success rate grow!

Be the Star that You Are!

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