Can the Average Person Be Successful in Network Marketing?

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to be a Star in Network Marketing? Is it possible for the average person?

Are there secrets to success that you don’t know about? Does it seem too hard? Are you thinking of giving up on your dreams of a great lifestyle and freedom from financial stress?

stars and bubbles in purpleLet’s talk about these 2 questions – What does it really takes to make it in Network Marketing and is it possible for the average person?

First of all, what it takes is a few key skills and actions, These are easy to learn and do, and at the same time, easy to NOT do.

They include the following:

Learning the SYSTEM your company uses to share your products and opportunity. Use this system – if it’s working for those who are making money, it will work for you, too.

  1. Make your active PROSPECT LIST and always be adding to it. Use a memory jogger so you think of people who you otherwise wouldn’t. If you must, start a separate list that is your “chicken list”. If you really want to grow your business fast, start with THAT list, and watch good things happen!
  2. Develop some “SCRIPTING LANGUAGE for success” and plan/know what you are going to say. Make it brief, let them know why you thought of them and are calling, ask them if they would review some information on your business and then set a time to get it to them and a time to follow up. Use the TOOLS your company provides you to do the heavy lifting. Then FOLLOW UP at the time you stated.

If you will commit to doing this process just TWICE A DAY, five days a week, then duplicate it with your team – you will have amazing success!!

Which leads us to the answer for the next question – can the average person do it? The average person CAN – but WILL they?

If you look at most top income earners in ANY company, you will find that they are very average in background and talent, but way above average in the quality of their COMMITMENT and willingness to take CONSISTENT ACTION.


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