Top 10 Reasons I Love Network Marketing

Since this is Valentines week with a focus on love, I’ve decided to list the top 10 reasons I love network marketing — and if you are in a network marketing business, I bet you love them too!   Here are my favorites:

  1.  No Boss:  We are independent contractors. We have no boss to tell us when to work or what to do. We are in the driver’s seat, no one controls us!
  2. Work When We Choose:  If we want to take a week off to go on a vacation, we don’t have to for ask anyone’s approval. If we want to work one or two days a week around other commitments, no problem. It’s part-time and our choice.
  3.  No Commute:   The morning commute for a network marketer is from the bedroom to the home office, around one minute. No worrying about gas prices or traffic congestion, and many of us work in our pajamas! (I’m giving away a trade secret here.)
  4.  Significant Tax Savings:   Tax breaks for home based businesses are some of the best in America today, and this alone can save us thousands a year. Employees live on what’s left over after taxes, while we live our lives and pay taxes on what’s left over – big difference!
  5.  Low Start Up Cost & Minimal Risk: All of the network marketers I know started their businesses for under $1,000 and many for much less, usually a few hundred dollars. The risk and upfront investment are minimal, so we can be in the profit zone after just a few weeks in business!
  6. High Potential for Financial Reward:  In network marketing, we have no income limits imposed by a corporate salary structure, no glass ceiling or required college degrees. Everyone starts from the same level playing field and has the same potential for success. Best of all, the sky is the limit for our earning potential!
  7. Leveraged Income:  In the job world, we get paid by the hour and trade time for dollars. In the network marketing world, we get paid not just for our own efforts but the efforts of others on our team — so if I put in 10 hours a week and my team of 50 each does the same, then I get paid on over 500 hours of work, not just my 10 hours. I love leverage!
  8. Residual Income:  This is by far my #1 favorite benefit! We get paid every month over and over as long as our customers keep using the product we recommended! To see my checks grow monthly from the customers that my team is adding without me is amazing! This is what truly separates network marketing from any other business model and makes it so compelling. After a few years you can literally walk away and the money keeps coming in. That is true financial security!
  9. Personal Growth:  Growing a team and creating the income we desire with network marketing requires us to grow personally and professionally. Learning to be a leader, to step outside old comfort zones, to grow in confidence, skill set, team building, and more is very rewarding on a personal level. Teaching those things to others and watching them grow is incredible.
  10. Relationships:  Network marketing is a journey. The friendships that are formed along the way can be as enriching as the pay and last a lifetime. On my deathbed, I won’t remember how much money I made in my company, but I will always remember the amazing relationships, team achievements, and fun times on the journey to financial freedom.

Now you have my Top 10 reasons I love network marketing – I would love to hear yours! Comment below and let’s start a tidal wave of reasons to love what we do!

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